System Overview

The WaveGuard® LDS System is a complete integrated system that consists of the following components:

  1. Multiple pressure/flow/ultrasonic sensors strategically installed on the pipeline, with a typical spacing between two adjacent sensors of 10 to 25 Km based on fluid type, pipeline parameters, and pipeline operating conditions. On some pipelines with high pressure, spacing can go further, and we use extensive simulation upfront to determine the optimum spacing between sensors.
  2. Multiple environmentally-hardened outdoor Field Signal Processor (FSP) units/panels which perform noise filtering and digital signal processing functions on the acquired pressure signals. The FSP units/panels are designed and manufactured by the PipeTech Engineering team.
  3. LDS Master Central Controller (CC) unit is typically enclosed inside the indoor cabinet in the control room. The CC unit communicates with all the FSP units continuously, collects pressure data & events, performs signature analysis function, and makes leak decisions. The CC unit is designed and manufactured by the PipeTech Engineering teams.
  4. LDS Computer Central Monitoring Station (CMS) contains HMI software that performs supervisory function and archives the leak events and system events of the LDS. The LDS computer (CMS) can be used to configure LDS parameters for detecting leaks and displaying geographical location of leak occurred.

The WAVEGuard LDS can be designed to interface with third party systems such as SCADA / DCS using industry standard protocols such as Modbus, OPC .etc. The entire system is synchronized with the GPS system, with nano second accuracy.