Leak Detection Technology

PipeTech is a Saudi-national leak detection system manufacturer and solution provider, with R&D facility and testing facility, both in the city of Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. PipeTech developed the WaveGuard® LDS System using the best leak detection methods and technologies in the industry based on the definitions and specification stated in the American Petroleum Institute API-1130 Computational Pipeline Monitoring.

PipeTech supports multiple leak detection technologies to match the needs of each project. The following technologies are currently supported:

  1. Negative-pressure Wave technology/system
  2. Flow-based Mass Balance technology/system
  3. Ultrasonic technology/system

These methods are implemented in three autonomous sub-systems (as required by TRFL-Technische Regel für Fernleitungsanlagen “Technical Rule for Pipeline Systems”), using independent instrumentation devices (pressure, flow, temperature, and ultrasonic), and can be provided individually or integrated into one powerful LDS system. In fact, the WaveGuard® LDS System is designed to meet the requirements and principles stated in API-1130/1155, Saudi Aramco SAES-Z-003, SAEP-747 and TRFL combined.