PipeTech is a complete solution provider company. The company offers the following functions, capabilities, and services to its customers:

  1. Assessment and front-end studies to evaluate leak detection requirements.
  2. User-defined solutions with the latest generation of hardware and software technology in the automation industry.
  3. Providing clients with simulation metrics prior to implementation (sensitivity analysis).
  4. Recording actual field data for laboratory analysis to optimize design.
  5. Building, integrating, and testing the leak detection system at its local closed-loop testing facility.
  6. Installation supervision and commissioning.
  7. Maintaining continuous availability of spare parts.
  8. Providing clients with firmware and software upgrades when they become available.
  9. Post sales local service availability, where any site can be reached within hours.
  10. Training clients on equipment handling, maintenance, alarm management, and system reporting.

Most importantly, PipeTech is a local Saudi-national manufacturer with home-grown expertise, highly technical engineering team, and good understanding of the local market and its needs.